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Monday, 02 February 2009 16:29
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If you read my profile and look at the "Fun Facts" section then you must remember a part where I bought a PHP & MySQL book when I was a student and then return it after a week. This is the site I built using knowledge from that book. This site has gone through many different phases, the first time I created this site was a regular static-HTML site, pretty soon I realized that due to a lot of changes in price and description, I should make the site more manageable and database-driven.

Furthermore, with static HTML, it sometimes had issue where web browser keep cache of old information (such as the price of an item) and that cause me a lot of headache explaining to customers where they order something with the outdated information. There is also one instance where I forgot to put the enclosing bracket > and causing that particular item cannot be ordered which cause me loss of sales in such a hot commodity items. After I upgraded the site to be database-driven site, managing hundreds of items no longer an issue using the backend management system that I custom built into it.


PHP, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, and MySQL database.


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