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Written by Dicky   
Tuesday, 22 April 2014 15:04
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I created GoSignUp.Me so that anyone with Facebook account can create an event and accept payment. I got the idea when I'm having a hard time collecting money to open a table in the club. A lot of them only gave verbal commitment, plus few of my friends have different bank so it's hard to do online transfer between two different bank. By using GoSignUp.Me, I can accept payment with any credit card regardless of their bank. Plus, I can set the limit to a certain number of people. For instance, the table in a club can have maximum of 8 guest, so the first 8 people that signed-up is guaranteed to have a spot in that table. This will give them some kind of urgency to pay me if they see only limited spot available

Then, I added a functionality to create a sale page. This idea came from my church when they tried to do fundraising by selling food. They only communicate using emails to place their order and when it's time to pick up the foods, the line is really long since the fundraiser organizer need to get the cash, give change, locate their order as it's written down manually and give out their order. Some buyers paid with cheque which take even longer since they have to write everything down first. With GoSignup.Me, the fundraiser can create a sale page, set an end date and by the time the event has ended, they can print out a list and prepare the food by the number of orders they have received. Payment also has been taken care of. When it's time to pick up their order, they simply need to tell their name and the fundraiser organizer know exactly what they have ordered.


PHP, JSON Web Service, Facebook Integration, Handlebar.js Templating, jQuery, URL Rewriting, WePay API, MySQL Database, HTML, CSS


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