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Written by Dicky   
Wednesday, 16 January 2013 11:30
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When I start carpooling with my coworker and other people. We usually track who's driving by memory, it turns out we always forgot who was driving last time. To make matter worse, when we have 3 people in the carpool, we have to remember different carpool rotations (3 people in the car, 2 people in the car, the other 2 people in the car, alone) and the person who was driving. At first, we try to use spreadsheet to keep track of it but the process become too cumbersome to maintain especially when we have special occasion where the person who supposed to drive cannot drive but still need to go to work. To fix this issue, I created a simple Carpool Scheduler that uses Facebook API to authenticate (so we know exactly who record the entry) and each day anyone of us can simply go to the website and record the carpool schedule for that day. The algorithm to determine who is the next driver has been improved over time (trust me, it's more complicated than what you think) and at any given day we can simply look up the website and determine whose turn is it to drive.

On a second iteration of the application (second screenshot), we have three person carpooling but one person doesn't have a car so we have to calculate the cost for driving for each person for that week and the person who drive the most should receive money from the other two person, or if they all both drive equally then no money is exchanging hand, or if two person drive that week and one person didn't drive at all then the cost will be calculated and split to the other two drivers depending on the amount of drive performed by those drivers. For screenshot purpose, I manipulated the week start and week end for the cost breakdown to a previous date where I have data since we have stop carpooling at the time of this writing.


PHP, Facebook API, MySQL database, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX


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